100 Bead Challenge


As a member of the Physically Challenged Artists Support Group I took part in the 100 bead challenge to celebrate reaching 100 members in the Big Tent group. The soft deadline for the challenge was January but as all the members of the group suffer from some form of disability or long term health condition this was only a guideline.

I’ve spent the last week in bed with a chest infection as so yesterday (the first day I was up and dressed) I decided to finally get my project sorted. I managed to sort through my finding stash, made a dozen pairs of ear hooks out of stirling silver wire and finally decided on how my project would look and feel.


I decided to make a peter-pan collar style necklace incorporating peacock green and silver grey swarovski crystal beads in three rows, all connected in the centre. The necklace is finished with a hand made chain in silver plated wire and a dangle of 3 beads to complete the bead count to 100.  The finished item has quite a vintage feel and makes me think of the opulence of the 1920’s. As always let me know what you think…


Green Envy

Liz NecklaceA little bit different for me, I decided to have a go at a fringed style beaded necklace.

This is a commission from a good friend who wanted a necklace for each of her nieces for Christmas, the first is the Beautiful Blue necklace from the previous post and this is the second, made from silver plated wire, tiger tail and three types of green beads, seed beads, Rocailles and swarovski crystals.

As always please let me know what you think…

Beautiful Blue

Charlotte Necklace

I’ve not been around for a while – I managed to injure my shoulder following a fall a few months ago  and have been unable to do much crafty stuff, even when I was a little more able to do things I lost my creative juices and had no inspiration or aspiration to do anything creative. I’ve started attending a sewing course which has got me going a little but it wasn’t until a friend asked me to make her a few necklaces for Christmas I got myself going again. This is one of the pieces I’ve done for her and I’m working on a second. Let me know what you think.

Beautiful Bows

Blue BowI’ve had these faceted blue glass beads for a while and bought them for a commission I did a few months ago. Having decided to replace them with marbled glass beads for the original project I was left wondering what to do with them.

This is the ideal project as the 2 sizes fit in perfectly together along with uber-sparkly spacers. The bow is designed to wear slightly to the side and is reversible so can be worn to sit either to the left or right just over the collar bone, perfect for someone like me with a prominent scar due to the implantation of my pacemaker.

Pearl Bow

This bow would look perfect with a strapless dress at a prom or posh party.

I’ve also done a smaller pearl version which would be perfect for a bride.

Let me know what you think…  

Coloured Collar

IMGP0033Inspired by an article from Making Jewellery Magazine I decided to have a go at a beaded collar, this is made from size 6 seed beads threaded onto 0.8mm Silver Plated wire.

The beads are different tones of the same shade of lilac and each has a different finish, solid matt colour, frosted glass and iridescence. The iridescent beads continue to finish the necklace which is then fastened with a hand forged silver plated hook and loop fastening.

Let me know what you think…

Special Silver

IMGP0038Earlier this summer my very good friend Emma Asked me to make her some sterling silver earrings to replace a pair that she had worn to death. I came up with a pair of triangular spirals that she absolutely adores and have attracted a lot of complements.IMGP0035

Emma has now commissioned 2 other pairs of earrings, one for a friend and another as a birthday present for her big sister so I’ve taken the zen spiral earring tutorial from the wonderful Rena Klingenberg and adapted it.

As always I would love your feedback…

Lazy Daisy

IMGP0037I’ve been playing again with the idea of a necklace with the detail on the collar bone and here is the result – my lazy daisy necklace. The daisy detail is made up of czech glass spear beads with an amber swarvoski roundelle centrepiece. The swarvoski roundelle beads then continue in a stem from the daisy to the other collar bone.

Let me know what you think…

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